Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Pastime of Time Wasting

Oh gawd.  I'm an addict.  Facebook. Instagram. Twitter.  Blogging.  Pinterest. And now Polyvore.  (Not listed in any particular order.)  I haven't pinned, blogged or tweeted in a while.  But I have Facebooked - shamelessly posting comments and updating my status (in the hopes that I get a like or two).  And for sure, I have instagram-ed - shamelessly posting photos of myself babywearing my little brood of Timbits and, of course, various foods I'm eating (totally annoying but too bad, it's my Instagram account).  I thought that was it for me - I tried to keep away from "pinning" as much as possible.  But now I've discovered Polyvore.  Sigh.  Just another time waster...  But, oh so much fun!

Result of last night's Thai food:
accessorized a dress I scored from Winners!
I spent two FREAKING hours discovering, searching, exploring this friggin' website. Oh dear God, I can hear my mother now: "Stephanie, you're time wasting. You should be spending time with your kids."

Well, I might as well share this secret: last night's Thai food did not sit well with me, so while I sat in my lovely bathroom waiting for my tummy to make peace with coconut soup and yellow curry eggplant - I created an outfit on Polyvore. No joke. I'm not embarrassed - it happens to the best of us. (Please believe me when I say it doesn't happen often - like right now...I'm blogging on my iPad on the couch...not the bathroom.)

Accessorizing an owl dress: perfect for
wandering the cruise ship or ports of call.
Anyway, I did time waste a bit just before the kids' bedtime routine.  Manny was all over putting them to sleep, so as to give me a break from the chaos that has been our week. So whilst he managed all 3 kiddos and searched for their pajamas, I searched for dresses, shorts, tops, shoes, purses, jewellery...etc. Polyvore has got it all. And it was fun. Or at least I thought so.  At the moment, I'm planning outfits for an upcoming family vacation.  Next, it will be for a summer wardrobe...

This sounds like a completely absurd question - but how on earth am I suppose to juggle all my time wasting activities and fit them into my schedule?  Writing, reading, running, baking (not to mention countless activities that I do with my kids)...and now I can officially list time wasting as a (favourite?) pastime.

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